Saturday, April 28, 2012


I'm so excited. 

Sunshine and Happiness makes her dance debut this evening at the Grey Box Theater in Lawrenceville as part of  a showcase for various up and coming choreographers in Pittsburgh.   Now those who know S&H know she is a total ham and that part of her bucket list has always been to be on stage, preferably in a play, preferably as the star despite the fact she's never acted a day in her life and can't stay in the correct octave EVER jumping from key to key. But.....

My girl can move.

To catch you up sweet peas, in the beginning of January S&H's life took a turn and so began an odyssey of  doctors and specialists with the final professional opinion being....her butt is broken.  Gratefully the condition is not life threatening and it's under control.   One change we had to make though is that now in addition to being sugar, flour and processed food free, we can no longer have gluten. Soon, soon sweat peas I will  be noshing on dandelions from the garden, but I digress.  (On another note, I really wish I knew how to use commas.)

Anyway, S&H also isn't able to continue power workouts, kickboxing or karate. (too much impact on broken butt)  Does anyone know how many endorphins these things produce?
  • Workouts, karate, kickboxing  = happiness and sanity.  
  • No workouts, kickboxing, karate  = much unhappiness/divorce.  
  • S&H without endorphins = Dark and Twisty lite.  
We needed to find endorphins and we needed to find them FAST.

Our first endeavor was to join join a gym /water aerobics class.  We found that these produce some happy brain chemicals.  Next S&H found an elliptical/cross trainer to run on. (at every opportunity I might mention)  And voila' -endorphins.  Yay! I climbed on S&H's  elliptical the other day just to give it a try and after a grueling,  oh, 2 full minutes I said  "to hell with this crap," and headed to the pool.."   Still though not quite enough dopamine

So she joined a country line dancing class. 

And then Dragon Boating.

Finally, finally (drum roll please) she found SWAG.  Ladies and gentlemen we have a winner.   SWAG if you're not familiar is Sweating with a Purpose - a mix of salsa, traditional  African and hip hop dance which apparently produces tons of endorphins.  Sunshine is back baby!  Never have I seen such joy.  Never have I seen such a glow.  Never have I seen such sweat. 

And so tonight .....the  debut a real public.   Yeah it's only 6 minutes long and an unpaid gig but I am so proud. so excited for her.

So relieved.

Shake your groove thing Sunshine and Happiness.  Shake that thang.

Click here to see S&H practice performance - S&H comes in at 1:43

Please watch and give my girl some love!