Thursday, April 26, 2012

Time Wasters

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Gonna try this blogging thing one more time.  It's Sunshine and Happiness' fault I haven't written.  She got invited to join Pinterest and I got invited to a new addiction.  I don't yet have my own account but I puruse hers daily - usually more than once.  It's kind of like when I stalked everyone from her Facebook account years prior to actually creating one of my own.

But Pinterest is more insidious because its got all those pretty pictures and I don't have to even read if  I don't want to.  I've gotta stop looking at sunrooms, gardens, shihtzus, funny shit, recipes and the like or she and I are gonna end up on an episode of  Hoarders.  The housework it is a -piling up.  As it is I hardly have any time to update my Facebook status, play Word Shaker and check my tweets. 

Just kidding.  I never joined Twitter.  I couldn't say anything in 140 characters if you paid me.