Thursday, March 24, 2011

It's a Twister Auntie Em

Yesterday the city had hail the size of golf balls. I kid you not.  This hail was of biblical proportions.  I kept looking up today expecting frogs or locusts.  Unfortunately, although Pittsburgh was spared, Hempfield Township sustained serious damage from a tornado sporting 170 mph winds.  Thirty homes were completely destroyed and over ninety homes damaged.  The TV stations were pissing themselves chasing funnel clouds all over the entire viewing area so they could say "you saw the death and destruction first here on - fill any local news station in this spot."  Today the meteorologists confirmed that yes, in fact, what we experienced was a tornado but ain't it grand ma, the wind stopped blowing.  I don't know why we need the National Weather Service to make it an oh-fficial like tornado what with all the storm doors, porchess and rooves flying through the air.  It reminded me of the movie Twister when Bill Paxton's fiance' looks out the window, sees farm animals flying by and says to her client on the phone  "I gotta go.  We got cows."