Wednesday, April 13, 2011

First Effort


Burgundy Scrabble board, tossed in the air
ivory lettered tiles scattered across the floor
half finished jumbo crossword done in pen
and the remaining answers don't fit in
an impossible sudoku of diagnoses from the DSM IV.

What is the word?
There are no words.
There will never be a word
for what is wrong with me
and why it is that I won't let you in.

No language, no access
to my disarranged
down is up, up is down
And why you might
want entrance to my life
when all I want to do is leave
for this, for sure
there is no word,
no answer.

I imitate, assume,
exaggerate happenstance.
I push away suspicious and avoid.
No one gets in.
Yet stubbornly
I take my broken pieces
and shove them back
into a ragged hole
that doesn't fit
but You.

                          - georgie