Monday, April 18, 2011

Vacation Day 1

After a 2 day drive from Pittsburgh, we arrived at Seabrook Island yesterday evening.  The picture above is of the beach right across the street from our villa, and yeah it really does look like that.  As gorgeous as it is I got wigged out because I have vacationed in South Carolina before (Hilton Head) and the monster palmetto bugs (read - GIANT roaches) scare the hell out of me.  The place we are staying is beautiful but I could smell the bug spray as soon as we got to the steps.  The resort must spray the palm trees and grounds pretty regularly which is a good thing but it freaked me right the hell out.  Needless to say I am on hyper-alert for any slight movement in my periphery.  Today the dog walked in the kitchen, yipped and jumped back.  My "always live life on the sunny side" wife said that it was only her reflection in the bottom of the stove.  I on the other hand am sure she saw the head of a gargantuan palmetto bug mumbling yum, yum and wisely whined and ran away.

Other than the lovely smell of pesticide, our introduction to the Spinnaker Beach Houses Villa was  pleasant.  The first thing we saw as we came up the steps and onto the deck was a little green gecko just hanging out on the door frame.  This was a good sign.  On our honeymoon in Key Largo there were tons of geckos and I even got to pick one up and save it from becoming the lunch of a seabird (at least for that moment).  Things were improving. They improved even more when we saw the inside of the place.  The living/dining area is bordered by 3 floor to ceiling windows that face the 18th hole of the Crooked Oaks golf course.  We arrived just before dusk and the view was incredible.  Corn stalk yellow, adobe red and slate blue make up the color scheme and the decor according to the wife is artistic, country, French if that even exists. I call it an eclectic mish mosh.

After we settled in, we decided to take the dogs to check out the beach access across the street.  Our  dogs have never been to the ocean so we were excited to see how they would react.  Turns out they were not the ones with the reaction.   As we walked over the dunes to the steps down to the beach, I freaked the f*** out.  Right there at the bottom of the steps was the ocean.  No beach, actually no bottom steps, just raging water.  And I do mean raging.  There was a wild storm the day before we got there and the current and waves were the most powerful I have ever seen.  Of course here's where my brain went.  Grab the dogs.  (They were on extend-a-leashes and I was afraid they were going to go too far and fall in)  Grab the wife, turn around, run.  One more step, one slip and we're dead.  Not wow, that's beautiful or how amazing, or look at the dolphins out there,  but WE ARE ABOUT TO DIE.  I hate my brain. 

Anyway, I was then petrified of the sea and had no intentions of going back there ever again.  Today, though I was coaxed back and viola' the beach had magically returned. Of course it had been high tide.  I am the biggest wuss. So I thought I had conquered my fears and bravely took both dogs down to the beach.  We walked about 10 feet when I saw a Land of the Lost size jellyfish and I promptly twirled myself around, picked up both dogs and went back home.  Later I decided to venture one more time.  I walked along the rocks right below the dunes and I was becoming more and more comfortable.  It had been awhile since the ginormous jelly fish sighting.  Then it happened.  I saw a movement in a tide pool by the rocks under the dunes.  I thought it was a fish or a crab or something and I am nothing if not curious so I left my wife to check it out.  And what do you think it was????  That's right- monster palmetto bugs!   I just know I am going to have nightmares tonight.