Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Seabrook Island

It was 80 degrees with absolutely no clouds today and I actually took my fat ass to the pool.  I also wore a sleeveless tank top which I have done all of, oh NEVER.  Remarkably I did not scare any small children. 

Earlier we took both dogs back to the beach and walked them. Or I should say tried to walk them.  The wife and I had to stop every 2 feet or so to give and receive love and affection from each and every child and family member we passed.  We also saw a school of bottle nose dolphins out by a huge sandbar.  It was very exciting.  The rest of the walk was slow but uneventful until we ran into these:

Giant Cannonball Jellyfish -Yikes!
And that folks was the end of that walk! 

Now I know I am a fearful neurotic person but I do also know this.  The palmetto bugs are not the only creatures that are monster sized down here.  I wasn't being a big fraidy cat when I tucked tail and ran from the beach with the dogs yesterday, just as it was not cowardly to be scared shitless of the ocean  when we went to see it at high tide.  Those jellyfish are actually a menace and when we visited the beach today we noticed there are signs
 posted everywhere prohibiting swimming.  We learned that a bunch of kids ignoring all the warning signs boogie boarded out to a sandbar at low tide.  My superwife that same day had thought it might be cool to swim out to this self same sandbar.  I however threw a nitty-nit.  The kids became stranded due to the terrific current and folks on the beach had to call the Coast Guard to come rescue  them.  Of course prior to this my wife thought I had  been overreacting. Ahem!

Tomorrow we go hunting for alligators and bobcats.  I have no anxiety about that.