Monday, April 4, 2011

Next Blog

Yesterday's entry was quite the downer.  I hate being in that space but fortunately my mood has improved.  I have been cruising the "next blog" button today and  I am awed at the creativity we are capable of as human beings.  Creativity feeds my soul and is where I find joy.  Poetry, art, music, the record of a life, I can find it all using the next blog button.

Today I came upon the site  and discovered Soko, a MySpace artist.  Her song "I Will Never Love You More" is used as the soundtrack to a short film called Seven Henrietta Street.  It is "sticky" and I have been humming it all morning long.  This creation is charming and sentimental and made me smile. 

Even the titles of individual blogs fascinate me.  Some I like are:
 Like Rolling Off a Blog
 Miles to Go Before I Sleep
Don't Drink and Don't Die
That's Church
Beautiful Grace
And my personal favorite right now for some unknown reason
PenHallow Street.

Just the title of these blogs tells me something about the blog's author or at least what the author wants me to think I know..
Everyone it seems longs for a witness to their lives. Everyone wants to be seen and known, at least in some small part.  I believe we are all born with a desire to create something, whether it is ephemeral and esoteric or univeral and enduring.  All I know is that when I bear witness to a stranger's creativity,(or a friend's) it makes me feel a part of the human race.  I am able to identify with the joys and sufferings of others in a way that I can't really describe.  This connection feeds my  spirit and makes me happy to be human.

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