Wednesday, May 18, 2011


This is not how I picture God.
Although the angry "Get thee out of of the kingdom" part fits

I was raised Catholic, went to a  Catholic school and never questioned the Baltimore Catechism which was REALLY discouraged anyway. BLASPHEMER!   My teachers were IHM nuns (Immaculate Heart of Mary) and they loved me.  Of course I was a big ass brown nose butt kisser, hand always shooting up to answer the question, always volunteering for extra credit work, always wanting their attention.  You know, the kid in class that everyone HATED. All my classmates just assumed that I was going to be a nun.  Remember those memory books we used to put together with the bad pictures and corny autographs?  My classmates drew a habit on my head. 

I graduated from Catholic School at 13.  As an adult,  I was in a bar stupid drunk when I ran into a guy from my 8th grade class.  He was pretty stupid drunk too. We were doing shots and catching up having a good time when he turned to me and said,  "I didn't know nuns were allowed to drink."  It was that bad.

As a child Sunshine and Happiness spent time in the Church of Christ.  That is until she announced to her mom that, um, it wasn't for her to judge another person's heart or anything but from what she knew if folks did not accept  Jesus as their Lord and Savior they  wouldn't be saved and  would not go to heaven.

BLAMMO!  Goodbye Church of Christ.  I love her mom for that.

Right now S&H and I attend a GLBT welcoming Lutheran church. (lots of potlucks)  It has been said however, that once a Catholic always a Catholic.  It's like even though I don't accept the Pope, or the doctrine, or the rules, I do still miss the icons, statues, the sacred rituals.  You know, like bingo.  I think it must be like being a secular Jew.

Soooooo, I continue to search for what I believe mostly by bumbling about and the process of elimination. 

As of right now,though,  I believe it's time for me to fly! (Shout out to REO Speedwagon) Wooo Hoo!