Friday, May 27, 2011


Some Reasons I.......

Am Not on Facebook:  Look, I don't even like your annual Christmas letter updating me about your life.

Don't Have a Twitter Account:  140 characters?  Once when a friend asked me what time it was she told me not to tell her how they made the clock.

Am not on LinkedIn:  I am a kept woman

Hate Texting:
BBQ?  Really? 

Won't Buy a Kindle (or any other eReader)  It doesn't feel like escaping.  It makes me anxious and tired. (h/t Emma Robinson) Plus I don't  have to worry about the battery life of my copy of BossyPants.

Don't own a DVR:  $9.00 cable

Don't have FIOS, Xfinity  See above.

Don't Own an ipad, itouch:

Hate ipods anyway:   No DJ's and no commercials make me claustrophobic.  All evidence to the contrary, I actually like to hear a human voice now and again.  As long as I don't have to interact with it.
Still have a 56K DSL line
Don't own a smartphone:

The above choices make me feel like I am part of the simple living movement. Click to learn more.  Well, all except the anti-consumerist, ecological footprint, more quality time with people, sustainable development, self sufficiency part.

Oh let's face it.  I'm just cheap.