Monday, May 9, 2011


Despite my previous post, (and despite myself) I had an enjoyable Mother's Day with my parents.  This I'm sure was the universe trying to prove to me that 1) what I fear most hardly ever materializes and 2) my new rule of thumb should be when I think I know what's gonna happen, I'm wrong.  Project much?

So.... we went over to visit yesterday afternoon with our gift.    My mom (it's her inner child I'm sure) loves anything Hello Kitty.  She owns Hello Kitty dishes, cups , napkins,  a welcome mat, even pj's.  She told us that a few mornings ago on the bus a preschooler looked over and said "are you going to school?" My mom didn't get it at first and said "why no, I'm going to work" She then realized it was her Hello Kitty lunchbag that confused the little girl.  My mom is 67. 

While Sunshine & Happiness and I were in South Carolina, S&H hit the motherlode of all things Hello Kitty - Tshirts, book covers, grocery bags, lingerie.  If you can imagine it, they had it. 

We stocked up. 

This Mother's Day was the first time I was absolutely sure my mom would love her gift and when she opened it, she freaked.  I've tried to please the woman my entire life and it is a Hello Kitty handbag and wallet that get's me a reaction.  Yay! 

I heard at  a meeting that the alcoholic's theme song is "I Was Always on My Mind" and this is where I continuously get life wrong.  My previous post was all about me.  Mother's Day is not. 

One of my favorite blogs is Post Secret, where people anonymously send their secrets in on a decorated postcard.  This past week was dedicated to Mother's Day.  Someone asked the blog's originator if any of the secrets ever made him cry.  He said yes and out of all of the thousands of secrets sent to him this is it.

"I smile sweetly and pretend to sympathize with my friends who are always fighting with their mothers. . . I would give my left arm just to have my mother alive to fight with."

I hate it when my head is up my ass. It's so hard to see.