Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Virginia Montanez is my Idol

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OK so that's Virginia Montanez. Any questions?

Virginia Montanez.  Most of you already know her as Jane Pitt, aka Pittgirl, aka the author of the hilariously funny blog That's Church and the now retired Burgh Blog.  I want to be Virginia when I grow up.   CLICHE ALERT.   She really is as beautiful on the inside as she is fabulously good looking on the out. I know this from her posts, not like personal experience or anything. But I can just tell.  I'm  good that way.

I found the Burgh Blog when I worked in Pittsburgh government.  Virginia poked at the huge ego ballons of Pittsburgh's powers that be.  She held a mirror up to some of the Burgh's biggest asshats.  People I had to only pretend to like on a daily basis and her posts made me cheer.  She said what I thought.   As a result she now writes articles for Pittsburgh Magazine instead of whatever it was she used to do.  Dread Lord Zober, Chief of Making Shit Up, Lukey.  Truth to power baby!

 Do I sound like a fawning adolescent?  Yeah well when it comes to this I am.  She makes me laugh.  She hates pigeons.  She helps sick kids.  Nuff said.

And she too makes shit up.  Many a word has made its way into my family's vocabulary.  Donkey omelettes anyone?  Check out the Lexicon at her site. Read it and weep.  What I would not give to have coined the phrase the Defecator. 

Virginia Montanez really is Pittsburgh.  Only cooler. 

Is it possible to self-unite with another woman?